I apologize for not writing more of late. However, Jace did get me thinking along the lines of powerful Magic cards and what defines them. This should make for an interesting discussion in the forums, but here is how I would define the criteria:. Doom Blade vs. This is often trumped by the other two criteria, but certainly matters. Bolt just has too much additional impact. However, I think we can just squeeze in one to kick things off at the top. For years it separated creatures into two classes: those with 4 or more toughness, and everything else.

It plays incredibly well with artifact mana, and would be astounding with planeswalkers. At least one should probably override Lightning Bolt, but of the lot, I feel that Thoughtseize is the most flexible. Hymn and Twist are more powerful, but require more support, and Therapy needs a shell to build around. It also pitches to a certain other card on this list. There are several finally breaking out to influence Vintage, and their impact on Legacy is massive.

This is a big shift from the previous run of Jackal Pup-style cheap mindless beaters. As creatures become more impactful, so too does the ability to remove them. Swords still reigns supreme as the best, ask-no-questions, flexible spot removal spell of all time. That said, it still packs a wallop. In the worst-case scenario, you get an extra card and land drop, but given the speed of Vintage, resolving Walk usually ends the game on that extra turn.

The tempo and mana advantage generated is very often too much to overcome.

most powerful magic

When it was unrestricted, it lead to some of the most degenerate games of Magic ever played, and still represents one of the strongest openings in Vintage. He shows up in nearly every deck supporting black and continues to outperform expectations.

Being able to hide cards on top of the library comes up a surprisingly high percentage of the time, making the blue player much harder to disrupt as they go about making your life miserable. This is a subtle card, but it offers so much to any given strategy. Tinker is a brute force card. It bulls its way into a game-win.Yo what's up guys, Scuff here and today I thought I'd do something that doesn't involve spoilers, a top ten at least I hope it doesn't spoil anything.

Anyways, today I'm gonna be counting down the 10 strongest forms of magic. The reason I chose magic is because it's the very core that the Fairy Tail world revolves around. Also, I'll be excluding some types of magic simply due to a lack of information about them or inconsistencies with their power. These types include:. Also, while making this list, I looked at the actual potential of each type of magic instead of the characters who've used them.

Anyways, now that I've laid out the foundations, let's get onto the list. Coming in at the number ten spot, we have gravity magic. Unlike almost everything else on this list, this one's fairly simple, you control gravity. It can dramatically increase the gravity on a large area to crush opponents, lower the gravity on an individual to send them flying, or even create a black hole. Although it's incredibly powerful, it does have a weakness, if the opponent is a lot stronger than you, they become unaffected by the gravity.

Coming in at number nine, we have Arc of Time. Arc of Time's uses vary greatly from speeding up or reversing the time of non living or non sentient beings whether that be to grow a tree from a seed, to return ice to its liquid state watercreating pockets of time that appear as spheres to attack, or even to repair damaged buildings.

It can also unlock one's Second Origin to give them an enormous increase in magic power or Third Origin which puts a mage at the peak of magic they will eventually reach immediately but then makes it impossible for them to use magic again.

most powerful magic

The main weakness this magic has is that it doesn't affect sentient living beings meaning it can't affect a human or say a dog running at them although this is made up for by everything else it can do. Coming in at the number eight spot, we have Arc of Embodiment.

This is literally imagination magic. Let me repeat that, it's imagination magic. Arc of Embodiment literally allows one to create anything they imagine. With almost no drawbacks, the only weakness it has is that, like most magic that doesn't involve your own strength, but rather something you create or summon, it's fairly limited in how powerful it can become. In the number seven spot, we have Mass Manipulation Magic.

Like Arc of Time, the potential uses for this vary greatly. It can shrink wounds to be so minuscule, they can't do harm, it can increase the size of anything, whether it be someone else, the user, or even an island, it can decrease the size of anything and anyone, including making tumours so small, they'd never be an issue. Aside from changing sizes, it can also alter shapes. In other words, this magic can change any thing's shape and size meaning one could go and reform a mountain range into a castle.

This is literally the magic every surgeon and sculptor dreams of.These are the humans who use magic a bit better than everyone else, ranked from least to most powerful as they exist throughout the television series. As the Dean of Brakebills, some fans might expect Henry Fogg to be a little higher in the list.

The truth of the matter is, however, that most of his students outpaced him fairly quickly. Dean Fogg is very skilled, but most of his power comes from his magical knowledge that he imparts to others. Most of his big moments involving magic in the series have featured magical items given to him by other people, not his own spells.

A Hedge Witch who used to work for Marina, Pete found his place in acquiring magical objects for black market dealers. Among his many demonstrated talents in the series are a fondness for telekinesis and animating corpses to talk to people from a distance. The daughter of a Librarian and a powerful Magician in her own right, Harriet believes magic, and all of the knowledge associated with it, should be free to everyone.

As a result, when the show first introduced the character, Harriet had found a way to marry her magical knowledge with modern technology. Code on her news site actually featured spells for magicians looking for them. Like the entire Quinn family, Stephanie is incredibly skilled at magic.

Not nearly as powerful as her daughter, Stephanie still likes to believe she is, which is what often gets in her way. Stephanie is arrogant and stubborn. Stephanie allows her emotions, despite her often cold demeanor, to interfere with her spell casting. Her high placement in the Library - where all magical knowledge is stored - also speaks to her abilities. She spends most of her time in the show as someone who adheres precisely to the rules.

Josh was once trapped in the World In Between Worlds after a class trip to Fillory left him stranded. He kept himself alive by growing and cooking the various foods he had available to him, which ended up making him into a rather skilled magician in the kitchen.


Josh isn't left just making food, though, he also used magic to create powerful psychedelic magically enhanced foods for fun and profit.

He is also a werewolf thanks to some sexually-transmitted lycanthropy, but it hasn't been too much of a hindrance seeing as it was the impetus for his hooking up with Margo.

most powerful magic

Kady's story is a tragic one, seeing as her mother was under the thumb of a Hedge Witch. This left Kady having to steal items from Brakebills to give to the underground coven, which has the effect of separating her from her group. After her mother was killed trying to steal some spells, Kady fell more in line with the rest of the students. She has been a major player throughout the group's adventures and even helped to bring Julia into the fold.

She is a gifted magician and is capable of performing Battle Magic to a greater degree of skill than most of her peers. Marina started off in the series as an antagonist who took in Julia, but ultimately turned on her.

She had a wrathful rage against others and was the Hedge Witch responsible for killing Kady's mother.

A professional magic test for anyone who wants to cast the most powerful spell

She was killed by an evil trickster god, but thanks to some alternate reality shenanigans, she came back. Marina is one of the most powerful magical users seen on the series, but she often uses magic to suit her own purposes. This has landed her on the wrong side of the group on numerous occasions, and the few times she has assisted them, she had a reason all her own. She's powerful, but can't be trusted. Initially, we were going to split these two up, but they are so intertwined, it didn't seem right.

Elliot and Margo are both talented in the use of magic, but they are so close to one another, they are more of a team.The elemental types like frost, fire, nature dont seem too powerful… Elemental lords are weak, not even close to the top of the food chain.

I believe that Shadow and Light were the first entities and everything comes from them. All other forms of magic are sourced from Light and Shadow. Therefore in the realm of existence, Light and Shadow contain the most power. However, when you investigate the cosmology domains they are tied to, suddenly something becomes apparent.

But the Void seems to be manically frantic to not allow Death to gain traction, and see Death as their True Enemy and the Enemy of All. The Void is flashy and takes a lot of the brunt of the other domains ire and fear because of it.

And I think that may indicate what cosmology and thus ultimate power actually is the most powerful. They all have strengths and weaknesses. I think it largely depends just on how capable the user is. Like fel magic is by nature stronger than arcane, but a higher skilled mage will destroy a lesser warlock.

most powerful magic

Also the original elemental lords are very strong. Back when they ruled they often rewrote the face of Azeroth pretty casually. Fel magic may be the most powerful. It corrupts and consumes other types of magic to power itself.

It reacts violently to almost all other types of magic, even Void. His dual nature is extremely unstable. Arcane magic, it changes things as they are, time, space, polymorph, whats more powerful than that? The magic of love and friendship conquers all. If an infinite source of each type of magic was pitted against one another then I believe Fel Chaosand by extension Death as a Fel engineered type of magic rather than simple phenomenon of the universe, would win out. Fel, by its very nature, eats up and consumes everything, including the Void which more brings things back to a true state of of nothingness rather than destroys things.

Fel is a destructive and extremely addictive energy originating as a result of the mutual destruction of Light and Void as they collide on a cosmic scale in the Twisting Nether.

The Strongest Magic Types in Black Clover!

Rather than the flourishing of all Light or the return to nothingness of all Voidfel is unnatural destruction, a complete removal from the balance of the universe. Monks use a type of spiritual magic. Druids can use a form of magic that draws its power from the cosmos rather than the land. Trolls and Orcs have been seen using a primal Blood Magic. Well all know da voodoo is da void… it speaks to you… it makes you do crazy things… it warps everything it touches… you thought I was describing da voodoo just now?

I was describing the void, see its the same thing. It is true what ILLadan said" We can only save ourselves".

Which type of Magic is most powerful? General Discussion. Nommi-velen Nommi 25 April 1. Which is the most powerful type of Magic in WoW? Doesnt seem to be… Tirion and the Naaru got wiped… The Light didnt save them!Let's consider for a moment the humble wand vibrator. The most famous example of this genre of sex toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand which was introduced as a "personal massager" way back in It was, and is, a highly effective device for easing shoulder knots, it's true.

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Coincidentally, Fairy Tail is full of a large variety of magic that will dazzle, awe and entertain anyone who has and will ever watch it. Celestial Spirit Magic Lucy Heartfilia. With the contract established, the mage is able to summon the specific spirits using their keys. The type of spirits can vary from a minotaur with brute strength, a mermaid that can cause tidal waves to a pair of Gemini twins that can replicate any person they see.

The strength in this magic comes from the variety of keys available to the user. The more keys the mage has, the more he or she has to choose from to fit the situation. Need to break down a door? Summon Taurus the Minotaur.

Infiltrate a guild? Summon Gemini the copycat twins. Some mages can even summon multiple spirits at once, providing them with an army at their disposal.

Truly, a Celestial Spirit Mage is never alone. The next one our list also involves otherworldly creatures, but this time instead of summoning them to fight, the user is able to take over hence the name!

The three most well-known users in the series that utilise this form of magic are the Strauss siblings of Fairy Tail, each possessing their own version of it. One uses a form called Beast Soul, where he assumes the forms of beasts he has previously taken over and becomes huge, hulking and monstrous.

Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Magic

When he does so he is able to blow away the opposition. Another called the Satan Soul, allows the user to turn into a demon, capable of not just power but finesse as well. It is often said that the power to slay a devil can only be held in the hands of a divine being, but the users of these magic have found a way to turn their internal energy into the weapon that they use to slay demons.

Often, these devil slayers are associated with an element. So far the only known Devil Slayer is one who uses ice. The Ice Devil Slayer is able to turn himself immune to his own element to the extent of being able to consume it to restore his own power. Furthermore, he is also able to turn himself part Devil, allowing him the same resistances to dark magic that a devil has.The DC Universe is therefore filled to the brim with powerful magic-using characters which we will be taking a look at today.

However, to clarify things a bit, we will be looking at those characters who specifically use magic for their abilities, as opposed to being powered by magic like Shazam or Black Adam.

So who is DC's most powerful magic-user? Let's find out! The Enchantress is actually mild-mannered freelance artist June Moone who becomes possessed by an ancient entity with a very evil side. Enchantress is not only immortal and therefore incredibly experienced with her eldritch abilities, but she is also able to manipulate magical energy and tap into other magic-users energy and abilities.

Suicide Squadthanks to Big Blue's vulnerability to magic. Despite this, Circe has served as both villain and ally to Wonder Woman over the years.

She has a fondness for turning people into animals, which is a trait shared with the original Greek version of the character, but she can also use those same abilities on herself to make her powerful enough to take on heroes like Wonder Woman and Superman. While Eclipso was originally envisioned as a "Jekyll-and-Hyde" type of villain that saw solar scientist Bruce Gordon turn into the villainous Eclipso whenever an eclipse occurred, he was later retconned into an immensely powerful magical being, who is better described as the insane personification of God's Wrath.

This ties into his elemental abilities that have allowed him to cause floods and natural disasters, though his powers are usually exhibited through incredible physical strength, eye-blasts from his mystical Heart of Darknessand through combat with his mystical sword. Eclipso would be higher on the list if he wasn't hindered by his need to possess and corrupt a host body. Tim would come to the attention of other magic users affectionately known as the Trenchcoat Brigade, who would try to guide Tim in the development of his abilities.

Tim Hunter 's magic is inconsistent, and his natural abilities to open dimensional doorways and fire electricity have to be channeled through objects like a key and his screwdriver wand due to his inexperience.

However, with the right training and given room to grow to his full potential, Tim Hunter will become the most powerful magic user in the DC Universe and beyond Zatanna is a second-generation magician and superhero, taking after her father Zatara, a Golden Age magician who has almost had more afterlife appearances than living ones.

Like her father, Zatanna uses "backwards magic" by reverse-speaking her spells. She is even able to cast these spells without speaking, having written the words in reverse to also cast spells when needed.

Zatanna 's magical limits have never really been tested, and she continues to prove herself to be one of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe. While her abilities are somewhat limited by her own understanding of the spells she's casting, which have allowed her to reshape reality and manipulate time and space. One of the more mysterious magic users in the DC Universe is the Phantom Stranger, an eternal man who exists outside of the timestream, and was revealed in the New 52 to be Judas Iscariot,who wears the thirty pieces of silver he earned by betraying Jesus around his neck as he walks the Earth in service to God for all eternity.

While his origin was previously a mystery, his powers are also undefined, though the Stranger is largely regarded by the rest of DC's magical community to be on par with the Spectre in terms of raw magical power. Black Alice has the ability to steal the magical abilities from other users, completely draining their own powers. The Helmet of Fate is one of the most powerful mystical objects in the DC Universe and grants its wearers a connection to ancient Egyptian god Nabu.

The first Doctor Fate was Kent Nelson, who worked with the JSA, though the Helmet has been worn by many different users, which are frequently descendants of the Nelson family. However, that doesn't detract from his many magical feats, just sets boundaries for his power. However, the power of the Spectre when restrained by a human host is still more than enough to deal with most magic-users in the DC Universe.

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